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West Texas is my home. I speak the language and appreciate the benefits of small-town life, but I still love Austin. Texas mesas, long, orange sunsets, and friendly, slow-talking people captivate me.


I taught English for nineteen years at all levels, including college. I also worked as both an elementary and high school guidance counselor.


My husband, Jim, and I have four children, four adorable grandsons, and two brand new twin granddaughters. All are scattered around the country. Jim is a photographer, and many of the pictures in Women Behind Stained Glass are his work, as well as many of the pictures used on this site and social media.


I've written short stories, pieces for the local newspaper, a non-fiction book, and a novel. Other projects are in the works. I read my stories to audiences and present on various aspects of writing. Short work appears in the online Journal of Texas Women Writers and the anthology, Necessity Is a Mother: Toolbox Tales When All Else Fails.


My first novel, The Lark, was released July 1, 2016. The spin-off novel, Low Water Crossing, is coming soon.



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