Heroes appear in surprising places. Author Dana Glossbrenner proves just that with her fascinating true story of good women who can’t be kept down.

Stained-glass windows in a church in San Angelo, Texas, are over a hundred years old--a source of pride for the congregation. But they don’t know the women to whom the windows are dedicated--pioneers who blazed trails to West Texas between 1860 and 1880.

Thanks to extensive research and a special knack for storytelling, Glossbrenner introduces readers to the tragedy and triumph these women experienced as they made their way through the early days of San Angelo’s founding.

Annie was the first white woman to permanently settle a family in the Concho Valley of West Texas. Mary Jane journeyed southward after leaving her husband in an asylum. And Ellen served as the first female postmaster in San Angelo. These three women bucked the conventions of their times to make their way through a world that didn’t quite know what to do with them.

Readers will be captivated by their exciting stories, as natural disasters, divorce, death, and mental illness wreak havoc on their lives—and fuel their determination to make a difference in their small Texas town.

Their stories need to be told. Women who led hard lives laced with tragedy carved a place for us here.


Though conventional wisdom tells us not to dwell in the past, I believe we should hold hands with it.


--Dana Glossbrenner, Women Behind Stained Glass: West Texas Pioneers



Ellen Osmer Johnson Farr

Mary Jane Taylor Metcalfe

 Annie Allen Tankersley

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