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Have Powerpoint, Will Travel

I enjoy sharing what I've learned about publishing and writing both fiction and nonfiction. I give overviews of books I've written, talk about writing, and do readings of short stories or excepts from books. 

If your club or organization needs a program, please contact me via the message link here. Or call 325-942-0249. Cell: 325-650-6797


Relevance: topics about writing; One Writer's Journey: The Lark, Women Behind Stained Glass: An Overview; readings of short stories or book excerpts


 Sample titles: "Maybe-So"

"Jesus the Game Warden"

"Minimal Damage"

"The Gravel Pit"

"The Gospel Truth"

"Meals on Wheels"


A spin-off to The Lark is coming soon. Title: Low Water Crossing








Wind turbine against a Texas sunset
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